Poetry in response by John Donoghue

Presented on the occasion of Joki's exhibition Paintings at William Busta Gallery.

"On midnight lawns there’s some will stop, look up, 

they’ll touch a face, a knee, and concentrate

to feel—not simply know—that what they touch

is what they see: the atoms in their knees

were fused out there. And when the feeling clicks

in place, they’ll grin, and raise their arms, and dance." 

- excerpt from Atoms by J. Donoghue

Andrea Joki: Unseen

Essay by Douglas Max Utter for Joki's exhibition Moving Pictures at the William Busta Gallery.

"Pools and patches of color glint behind staccato strokes as if wrapped in a storm of black wings, affrighted in the foreground. Joki’s paintings blink as they look toward the brightness and thickness of experience, somewhat in the way that a camera shuts its darkness on and off."

Andrea Joki: Crossing

Essay by William Busta for Joki's exhibition Crossing at William Busta Gallery.

"The Field Notes series are a reflective response to some of these travels, bringing into the studio an experiential journal that was about differences in space and light, as well as saturated time looking and talking about painting."

Andrea Joki: Multiplicities

Essay by Dan Tranberg for Joki's exhibition Reservoir at William Busta Gallery.

"Her painting demonstrates that Joki’s distinctive sensibility is not a stylistic one. Rather, it is marked by a sophisticated awareness of the ways in which image, idea and process intertwine."