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01 dec 2015Works On Paper @ 2731 Prospect Gallery

Andrea Joki_Ho Hum Sun_acrylic on paper_26"h x 22"w_2015_web2.jpgAndrea Joki, Ho Hum Sun, acrylic on paper, 26" x 22", 2015

I'm showing new drawings in Works on Paper, at 2731 Prospect Gallery Cleveland, OH.

Show runs December 11, 2015 - February 6, 2016.

Featuring works by Christi Birchfield, Jerry Birchfield, Timothy Callaghan, Lane Cooper, Bruce Edwards, Elizabeth Emery, Prajakti Jayavant, Andrea Joki, Jason Milburn, Darius Steward.

23 oct 2015Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery

I'm happy to be included in the Inaugural Juried Exhibition at the Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery, 77 High Street, First Floor, Columbus, OH  43215.

November 5, 2015 - January 9, 2016

05 aug 2015Minneapolis - The Waiting Room

Andrea Joki_Orion_web.jpgOrion, 2015, oil and acrylic on linen, 43" x 35"

So pleased to have my painting featured in the group show, Chaos Management, at The Waiting Room in Minneapolis.

Organized by Jehra Patrick, the show brings together works by artists Kieran Riley Abbott, Kimberly Benson, Ute Bertog, Emma C. Cook, Tucker Hollingsworth, Michael Johnson, Andrea Joki, Todd Kelly, Kelsey Olson and Jeremy Szopinski.

August 6 – September 26, 2015

1629 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 300F, Minneapolis, MN

08 jul 2015Desert Magic

Andrea Joki_Apparent Radiant_72" x 60"_2015_web.jpgMagic Mountain (aka Apparent Radiant), 2015, 72" x 60", oil and acrylic on linen

Art writer Morgan Meis cites my painting above in his article "28 Days in Cleveland" for Arthopper .

He writes, " of the first works of art I came across in Cleveland was a painting by Andrea Joki at William Busta’s gallery. Joki’s paintings are abstract, but they are also lively and colorful. The reds and light blues and beiges have more to do with colors you find in the California desert than anywhere in northeast Ohio. It turns out she does, indeed, spend a lot of time in the Mojave Desert. Formally sophisticated, the paintings play out a debate between hard-edge abstraction and Expressionism with a little bit of Agnes Martin-style mysticism thrown into the mix. What would happen if a canvas invited all the major players of the last hundred years of abstraction to get together for one giant party? Would it lead to complete aesthetic train wreck? Nope. It would look instead something more like Joki’s Apparent Radiant (2015)."

28 Days in Cleveland by Morgan Meis

10 jun 2015Kinetic Paintings of Andrea Joki - Review by Anderson Turner

Andrea Joki_Totem_oil and acrylic on linen_72" x 60"_web.jpgVery nice review of my recent exhibition at William Busta Gallery by Anderson Turner for the Akron Beacon Journal.Kinetic Paintings of Andrea Joki

20 may 2015S.P.Y. @ William Busta Gallery

Andrea Joki_Installation view 6_web.jpgSide room installation of S.P.Y., a twenty-year project of once per year gravity paintings at specific sites across North America. Paintings and artist books from Twentynine Palms, CA (2012), Indianola, IA (2013) and Brooklyn, NY (2014). Upcoming: Dardanelle, AK in October 2015.

15 may 2015Paintings @ William Busta Gallery

Andrea Joki_installation view_WBGallery_web1.jpg(l to r) Totem, Radiant, Head Hole, Magic Mountain and Retrograde, all 72" x 60", oil and acrylic on linen, 2015Andrea Joki_installation view 2_WBGallery_web2.jpg(l to r) Totem, Radiant and Head HoleAndrea Joki_installation view 3_WBGallery_web.jpg(l or r) Magic Mountain and RetrogradeAndrea Joki_Installation view 5_web.jpg(l to r) Lite Brite Letdowns 1-3, 18" x 15", acrylic on paper, 2014 and My Own Personal Miracle, 18" x 15", oil and acrylic on linen, 2014

22 apr 2015Solo Exhibition at William Busta Gallery

Andrea_Joki_My Own Personal Miracle_oil and acrylic on linen_ 18" x 15"_2014_blog.jpg"My Own Personal Miracle," oil and acrylic on linen, 18" x 15", 2014

I'm pleased to present new paintings in a solo exhibition at Cleveland's William Busta Gallery ,  opening reception on Friday, May 1, 5pm - 9pm.  The show runs through May 30, 2015.

William Busta Gallery, 2731 Prospect Ave, Cleveland, OH  55115

I like to think of my paintings as perfect failures.  I'm interested in the disruption of lines and the breakdown of expressionist fields with linear and geometric motifs.  I enjoy the friction in the aesthetic mash-up of styles and find beauty in the containment of the language on woven linen and perfectly crafted stretchers.

02 nov 2014"Flexible Domains" at Harris Stanton Gallery

Andrea Joki_Night Visions 2_2013_18" x 15"_acrylic on paper_blog.jpgAndrea Joki, Night Visions 2, 2014, acrylic on paper, 18" x 15"

I am presenting several new drawings in the show, Flexible Domains, along with drawings by fellow painter, Matthew Kolodziej, and glass by Robert Coby.  The show opens on Friday, November 7, 5:30 - 8pm and runs through December 6.

Harris Stanton Gallery , 2301 West Market Street, Akron, OH  44313 

22 jul 2014Made in L.A.

Andrea Joki_Fade Out_Counterpoint.jpgMade in L.A., 2014Andrea Joki_Counterpoint.jpgAndrea Joki, Counterpoint, oil and acrylic on linen, 30" x 24"Andre Joki_Fade Out_30" x 24"_web.jpgAndrea Joki, Fade Out, oil and acrylic on linen, 30" x 24"

I was a resident artist at East Side International Art Space in Los Angeles for three months earlier this year.  While in LA, I completed a series of paintings (all plein air!) that continue my painterly obsession with merging opposites.  Lately, my paintings have sparked conversations with interesting people (scientists and poets) about how the visual language evokes ideas of physics and music.  

More than once and at random places (the grocery store), people familiar with my paintings have asked me if I'm influenced by Steve Reich.  I am a fan.  I was lucky to be in Los Angeles during the Minimalist Music Festival at Disney Hall.  A four-hour performance of more than a dozen minimalist compositions is still resonating with me.  Many of the paintings I made during my stay are named after Reich compositions performed that evening.

06 mar 2014"Without Boundary" at School 33 Art Center

Star Trails_web.jpgAndrea Joki, "Star Trails", oil and acrylic on linen, 24"h x 30"w, 2012

Upcoming exhibition!

Without Boundary curated by Christine Pfister

School 33 Art Center

Baltimore, MD

March 21 - May 31, 2014

opening reception March 21, 6pm - 9pm

Featuring works by:

Kyle Bauer

Joan Belmar

Ben Boothby

Ruth Hiller

Andrea Joki

Alison Stigora

Jay Walker

05 mar 2014Works in Progress @ RAID Projects

Andrea Joki_Raid Projects_1.jpgResidency work - new paintings in progress, February/March 2014Andrea Joki_RAID Projects_2.jpgPainting, drawings and jump rope sessions in progress, Feb/March 2014

My residency at RAID Projects (soon to be Eastside Art International) is keeping me busy.  It's been an amazing time so far -- exploring the city, meeting artists, making new work, and putting some words down on paper.  Just trying to be open to the good stuff.

13 feb 2014Twenty Twenty

Andrea Joki_excerpt from "Al's Balloon," 2013.jpgAndrea Joki, still from "Al's Balloon," Indianola, Iowa (20/20 : 2013)Andrea Joki_still 10 from "Time Passing in the Mojave Desert," 2012.jpgAndrea Joki, still from "Time Passing in the Mojave Desert," Twentynine Palms, CA (20/20 : 2012)

In 2012 I began a twenty-year project, Field Work 20/20.  20/20 is a series of site-specific painting performances that inserts a once-per-year repeated performance in different settings and allows each year’s manifestation to attract meanings.  20/20 will result in a timeline portfolio of twenty paintings from sites across North America with additional collateral materials (photographs, video and artist books).

The annual performance is staged in an outdoor setting in a portable studio that obstructs my view of the vista.  I sit and make a painting, engaging in a process of releasing dilute acrylic from a brush at closely-spaced intervals along the top edge of a sheet of paper and letting gravity pull the beads of paint downwards.  The duration of each performance is about four hours, the time it takes to fill a large sheet of paper with narrowly-spaced vertical lines. My first performance was in 2012 in the Mojave Desert near Twentynine Palms, California.  In October 2013, I completed my second performance in a collaboration of sorts with a hot air balloonist, Al Appenzeller, in Indianola, Iowa.

I hope to complete the documentation of the 2013 performance during my artist residency at Raid Projects.

13 feb 2014Artist Residency - Raid Projects LA

I have an artist residency at Raid Projects in Los Angeles for the next three months. While I'm here, I will be producing new works and joining in on a lot of the LA art fun. A big thanks to Jason Ramos, Michelle Carla Handel and Molly Shea for welcoming me into the mix!

RAID_10feb2014.jpgMy home base for the next three months.

13 feb 2014New Year Show

Paintings_William Busta_jan2014_web.jpg"Divine Divide" and "Noise," both 72"h x 60"w, oil on linen with acrylic underpaint, 2013Andrea Joki_Divine Divide leaves studio.jpg"Divine Divide" leaving the studio.

Projects and paintings have kept me very busy the last few months.  The New Year began with a celebratory exhibition at William Busta Gallery.  Bill Busta selected twenty-five artists to represent each of the gallery's twenty-five years, and I am so happy to have been a part of it.  A toast to Bill!

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